comfortable night’s sleep by choosing Suitable Urinary Incontinence Products

All of us know about the importance of enough, high-quality night sleep. Disordered or lack of sleep harms our health and results in permanent fatigue during the day. On the other hand, a lack of comfortable night sleep weakens the body’s immunity system and causes certain problems such as gaining weight and memory weakness. Therefore, if we face certain symptoms of urinary incontinence, e.g., urine leakage, bedwetting, and going to the lavatory frequently during nights, we have to identify its main cause as soon as possible and control this complication by using proper solutions. Remind that repeating such incidents may negatively affect our sleeping patterns and shall have irreparable long-term consequences.

Naturally, urine volume in the body decreases during the night. Therefore, we may have a comfortable sleep without any need to go to the lavatory. Although waking up and going to the lavatory at night is not something rare, but in case of urine leakage before arriving at the lavatory it may be a symptom of suffering from urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence during the night and the frequent need for changing clothes and bed is not only disturbing but also limits our social life and prevent us from traveling or staying with our loved ones.


Reasons of Urine Leakage or Urinary Incontinence During Night

As mentioned earlier, our body makes less urine when we are sleeping, i.e., urine is thicker and more acidic at night, which may stimulate the bladder and cause bladder spasm, and eventually, result in urinary incontinence.

Urinary tract infection, pregnancy, and aging are some of the common causes of urinary incontinence, resulting in urine leakage or urinary incontinence at any time of day or night. Furthermore, in case of suffering from weak pelvic floor mussels, the extra use of beverages just some hours before sleeping may increase urine leakage during the night. In case of suffering from an overactive bladder, the frequent need to urinate may force us to go to the lavatory frequently and causes nocturia or bed-wetting in case of involuntary contraction of bladder muscles.


Solutions to Control Urinary Incontinence During Nighttime Sleep

We can prevent urine leakage and urinary incontinence at night by following some simple precautions:


Avoid drinking before sleep

We should avoid drinking any type of beverages, including water, after a certain time at night. In fact, avoiding drinking beverages 3 to 4 hours before sleeping highly affect urine leakages at night. However, we should be careful not to limit drinking water during the day, as drinking enough beverages play a major role in ensuring our health.


Going to Lavatory

It is recommended to empty our bladder twice before sleep. Going to the lavatory once before brushing the teeth and once upon brushing will be very helpful, as the unfinished urination at the first time will be completed on the second try.


Wearing Suitable Diaper

We may use adult diapers to prevent the bed and clothes from getting wet. Suitable diapers absorb urine and prevent our clothes and bed from getting wet, and help us have a more relaxed sleep.

We should pay special attention to our urinary incontinence level. In case of severe urinary incontinence, we should use a tape diaper, while Easy Life adult pants can be used for low to average urinary incontinence. Some of the advantages of Easy Life adult pants are breathable & soft waistband, assuring dermal respiration, and protecting dermal health. Furthermore, other specifications of Easy Life adult pants, such as maximum leakage protection and high absorption prevent us from feeling bad when sleeping and help us have a comfortable sleep.



Uncontrolled urinary incontinence signs at night can decrease our sleep quality and disorder our sleep cycle. We may use suitable adult diapers in order to prevent this issue from happening and control urinary incontinence at night correctly. In case of low to average urinary incontinence, Easy Life adult pants will be a proper choice.