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Easy Life opens a new horizon of activeness, independence, and easiness for those suffering from incontinence.
Easy Life is steadily concerned about finding new solutions and improving the quality of adult protective diapers, so that people may not withstand their urinary incontinence and maintain their competent individual-social prestige.
Easy Life’s everlasting hope for all who are suffering from incontinence is gaining the ability to establish a strong and friendly link with themselves, family, acquaintances, and society; thus, it has chosen the “TOGETHER WE LIVE” slogan to step into this path.

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Adult Pants

Easy Life Adult Pants are a simple and efficient solution for those suffering from light and moderate urinary incontinence, presented based on the hip and waist size in three small, medium and large sizes, suitable for ladies and gentlemen. Easy Life Adult Pants is like underwear and provides easy changing by tearing perforated sides. Furthermore, this diaper has a high absorption and prevents urine leakage. Therefore, this product is a smart choice for those who wish to continue their active life notwithstanding their urine incontinence.

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Tape diaper

Easy Life Tape Diaper is a product suitable for those people with severe urinary incontinence and relatively limited physical mobility, which has been offered in three small, medium and large sizes based on hip and waist size, suitable for ladies and gentlemen. Re-adjustable tape of this product may set size in proportion to the waist. Furthermore, Easy Life’s elastic side panel enables easy mobility and prevents urine leakage with absorbent powder and cellulose filaments in the central part. By choosing this product, urinary incontinence may be managed well.

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Smart choice to live with vitality

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