EasyLife opens up a new horizon of ease, activeness, and independence for those suffering from urinary incontinence.

EasyLife is continuously working towards finding new and innovative solutions in order to improve the quality of its adult protective diapers so that its customers can better manage their condition to live a more competent and active lifestyle.

EasyLife’s highest wish for those suffering from urinary incontinence is to find the ability to live proudly alongside their peers, family, and friends and play an active role in society. Hence it has chosen its slogan “Together We Live”!

Mission Vission

Mission Vission
Mission Vission
Mission Vission
Empower more people to live with Different challenges of Middle age onwards with focus on incontinency, without any limit, fear & embarrassment and enjoy fuller life.
Helping caregivers directly & indirectly to have better quality of life.
Become the most preferred brand in offering care and innovation of adult category in region.
Quality of life

History of Easy Life

EasyLife started producing adult diapers in 2009. In just a short time, it became the customers’ number one brand of choice.

Later in 2021, the first Iranian adult pants were also introduced to the market by EasyLife. The level of comfort, ease of use & quality which were offered by this product has made a significant difference in the lives of many people with urinary incontinence.

Understanding our customers and the drive to provide product innovations in line with the latest international standards are among the key strategic pillars of EasyLife.

Being the largest adult pants company in Iran EasyLife is continuously developing its reach into local as well as international markets.