What is urinary incontinence?2021-11-23T06:56:27+03:30

Urinary incontinence is referred to bladder controlling disability resulting in unwanted and involuntary urination. Urinary incontinence may happen to any individual female or male at any age. One-third of all people in 30-70 age group have experienced a sort of urinary incontinence. This problem is more common among women and elderlies,in a way that one out of each four women has history of urinary incontinence.

What are the symptoms of urinary incontinence?2021-11-23T06:01:46+03:30
  • The need for frequent urination (more than 8 times per day)
  • Emergency need for urination, frequent and continuous urine leakage without feeling for emergency need
  • Sudden urine leakage and lack of feeling to need for stopping it
  • Waking up for two or more times during the night for urination
  • Bed wetting
  • Urine leakage upon laughing, coughing, sneezing and performing heavy body motions are some of urinary incontinence symptoms, differing from person to person.

It is recommended to consult your physician in case of facing with any of these symptoms.

What type of physician shall we visit in case of suffering from urinary incontinence?2021-11-23T06:56:25+03:30

It is recommended to ask for help from an urologist in the very first step. Ladies may also ask for advice from an gynecologist and/or female urologist. It is recommended to see a neurologist and an urologist in case of urinary incontinence caused by stroke (cerebrovascular accident “CVA”) and prostate, respectively.

How often the bladder is usually emptied?2021-10-09T09:43:00+03:30

Most people usually need to urine 3 or 4 times per day. People under 50 years of age are usually able to keep their urine during the night between 6 to 8 hours. Aging may result in a decline in the urine keeping ability to become shorter than 8 hours. For further checking, a calendar may be used to record the times of going to lavatory

Is limited drinking useful to control bladder function?2021-10-09T09:44:03+03:30

Type of diet, especially volume of drinking liquids during the day directly influences urination. We may have a better control on our urine through balancing the volume of our drinking. However, limited drinking may harm body organs such as heart, kidney, and liver.

When is the best time to change a diaper?2021-10-09T09:47:03+03:30

Several factors, e.g. one’s physical activity rate and lifestyle, influences changing a diaper time. However, studies conducted on several people have demonstrated that those suffering from urinary incontinence shall change their diapers 4 or 5 times per day (i.e. once each 5 or 6 hours). It is further recommended to change the diapers after each time of excretion.

Are Easy Life products suitable for sensitive skin types?2021-10-09T09:47:22+03:30

Easy Life diapers have been produced in compliance to the Global standards and in a way that they do not cause any dermal allergies in case of correct usage. However, incorrect consumption and the consumer’s skin incompatibility to the diaper filaments may cause allergy. Dermal allergy is referred to stimulated, pinked, reddened, or inflamed skin which may happen to any person using diapers or pants, whether infants or adults.

What are Easy Life adult pants?2021-10-09T09:47:44+03:30

It is a new product from Easy Life suitable for active persons with average urinary incontinence. Easy Life adult pants resemble normal underwear and has waistbands all around, 360ͦ, enabling easy motions for the one wearing it. This product may easily be replaced by tearing the side seams. Furthermore, sanitary disposable tapes enables easy collection of the pants after usage. Using this product, those suffering from average urinary incontinence may confidently socialize with a sense of belonging. Refer to Easy Life Adult Pants page for further details.

How we may use Easy Life tape diaper tapes?2021-11-23T06:49:49+03:30

Having mechanical tapes are both sides is one of the specifications of Easy Life tape diapers. These tapes are free from chemicals, hands are not stuck onto them by touching, and they seem to be a little rough. These tapes are locked into the diaper outer layer lint when attached and may be detached and attached frequently. For correct and better attaching the tapes, press them mildly with hands when attaching and attach the upper tapes tilted and downwardly. Refer to Easy Life Tape Diaper page for further details.

What are the differences between Easy Life adult pants and tape diapers?2021-11-23T06:51:05+03:30

Urinary incontinence intensity: Easy Life adult pants are suitable for average urinary incontinence, while Easy Life tape diaper has been designed for severe urinary incontinence.
Physical Status: Whereas Easy Life adult pants are worn like normal underwear, they are more comfortable and suitable for those with average and high physical mobility; on the other hand, Easy Life tape diaper is for those with limited mobility or bed-ridden. However, this does not mean that a bed-ridden person may not use adult pants or one with high mobility cannot use tape diaper. Selecting between these two depends on how the consumer or his/her caretaker feels comfortable with that.
Waist (W): Like tape diaper, Easy Life adult pants are produced in three sizes: S, M, and L. However, W in Easy Life adult pants differs from the one for tape diaper due to its different structure and having 360 ͦ waistband.
No. of pieces per package: Like tape diaper, Easy Life adult pants are produced in three sizes: S, M, and L, and each package contains 10, 12, and 14 pants of these sizes per package, respectively.
Price: The prices per piece of tape diaper and adult pants are the same. However, due to different number of pieces per package, the price of each package of tape diaper and adult pants differs. Information and consumer price are printed on the product package.

What shall we do for purchasing and applying to become a sales agent?2021-12-01T10:56:59+03:30

If you have any questions regarding the purchase or cooperation, please contact WhatsApp (+98) 9018967285 . Also to evaluate our cooperation request of distributors, we need all requested information listed below:

  • Company History, Vision, Mission, and objectives.
  • Company decision-makers (CEO and board members profile).
  • Company portfolio in the details of industry/ product category and brands you are currently active in.
  • Company structure and size (number of staff and sales team).
  • Detailed contact information (Company address and telephone number).
  • Distribution scope in terms of coverage by city and distribution channels.
  • Warehouse size and facilities.

You could send mentioned information through WhatsApp or Export Email (export@Zarringc.com)

How we may provide Easy Life with our opinions?2021-12-01T10:56:50+03:30

Easy Life always welcomes your opinion. Using your viewpoints enables us to provide better quality products and services. You could give us your opinions through WhatsApp (+98) 9018967285

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