How different are Adult Pants and Tape Diapers?

Individuals suffering from urinary incontinence may find themselves having to regularly use the lavatory. This constant inconvenience, in the long run, may discourage such individuals from wanting to attend social events which can, in turn, lead to isolation.

Urinary incontinence is a challenge that individuals with the condition, and those close to them, need to fully understand, have the courage to face and deal with. One of the ways this condition can be dealt with is to continue living an active life without any stress or shame by wearing adult pants.

Easy Life urinary incontinence products are available in two types: Tape diaper and adult pants; specified below:


Tape diaper specifications

  • Maximum Leakage Protection: tape diaper provides Maximum protection against urine leakage; thanks to the protective leg cuffs at both sides of the diaper.
  • Compatible to Skin: Tape diapers have maximum skin compatibility because of their soft and cloth-like material for top sheets.
  • Anatomic Fitness: The elastic side tapes used in tape diapers provide a better fit to the body and make walking and being physically active easier.
  • Swift Absorption: their blue acquisition distribution layer is highly absorptive and disperses urine on the diaper surface, resulting in a feeling of dryness. Furthermore, the absorptive powder and cellulose filaments used in the central part of the diaper helps with rapid liquid absorption and prevents the surface of the diaper to give a feeling of wetness.
  • Secure Side Tapes: the elastic side tapes can be easily adjusted to the waist size and locked by applying the slightest pressure.

Adult pants specifications and their differences from tape diaper

Easy Life adult pants are the best choice for those individuals suffering from medium urinary incontinence who want to live an active life style.  The unique specifications and design of this product enables them to control their urinary incontinence in order to be relaxed around their loved ones, peers and friends.

There are many common specs between adult pants and tape diapers. Key difference however is in the level of comfort provided by adult pants thanks to their unique design.

Other specifications of adult pants and their differences from tape diapers are mentioned here.

  • High Absorption: tape diapers have a significantly higher absorption power and speed. Adult pants collect wetness and odors quickly due to their advanced double absorbent core which are key when the individual is in a public setting.
  • Maximum Leakage Protection: tape diapers are resistant against urine leakage because of their leg cuffs on both sides. Adult pants have high absorption and prevent urine leakage while lying down or being active due to having double leg cuffs.
  • Healthy Skin Protection: The tape diaper is quite skin-friendly because of its soft and cloth-like top sheet. Adult pants limit wetness and ensures better health of the skin due to their rapid and high absorption rate as well as having a more breathable & softer waistband that protects the skin against diaper rash, fungal infections, and dermal diseases.
  • Complete Freedom of Movement: Although tape diapers are designed to be suitable for the anatomy, tape pants provide higher ease of movement. Tape diapers design enable individuals to have easier mobility thanks to their soft 360◦ elastic waistbands.
  • Easy, Convenient Wear and Removal: In addition, the fact that adult pants are similar to an underwear, with a very close fit to the body, makes them unnoticeable under clothes. Also, they are easily wearable and can be easily changed by tearing apart the perforated sides, without the need to remove any clothes.
  • Easy Disposal of Adult Pants: Although adult pants have no tapes and have a different structure in comparison to tape diapers, the disposal tape placed at the back of the adult pants is designed to aid the wrapping and hygienic disposal of the product.



Suffering from urinary incontinence may affect the quality of lives and limit the life styles of those effected. Understanding the challenges associated with this condition and taking the proper action to tackle those challenges is key.

EasyLife adult pants are a new series of adult diapers, which not only control urinary incontinence but also provide those affected with the opportunity to take back their place in the society and do the activities they once enjoyed.